About Majestic Billing Services LLC

Majestic Billing Services LLC is a full service billing company specializing in Home Health and Hospice. Ashley and Bonnie have assembled an amazing team of billers that has over 20 years combined billing experience! We strive for a team atmosphere and we would love to become part of your team!

Ashley Thomas is a native Texan born and raised in North Texas.  She hails from Paris, TX (yes, the one with the Eiffel Towel with the red cowboy hat).  She has a broad range of business management experience from owning her own companies to operations management for other companies.  Her background and passion are business accounting.  Numbers have always been very fascinating for her, and she views them differently than most people.  “A lot of people are scared of numbers, but I always love finding the patterns in them,” she once said. 

She has over 10 years’ experience in the Home and Health and Hospice industry.  She began her career as a receptionist for an agency and very quickly moved up the ranks and in less than two years in the business, she was promoted to business office manager.  She began to learn about the billing side of home health and hospice and absolutely fell in love with it.  This is where her passion now lies.  Her view of billing home health and hospice claims is like a huge puzzle to piece together.  All the pieces must fit together perfectly to bill clean claims and get the claims paid on the first submission.  She was quoted as saying “I absolutely despise rejected and denied claims, so I painstakingly make sure each claim has the correct pieces in place before submitting the claim to the payer.”   “I am very fastidious when it comes to billing and it’s all about patterns for me; I pick up on these patterns and I bill 99.9% clean claims on the first submission.” 

A lot of agencies and even other billers may feel that private insurance, especially Medicare Advantage/Replacement plans make it as difficult as possible on the agency/biller to pay the claims.  Ashley has experienced some of this to a small degree.  “This is where the puzzle analogy plays into her process; as a biller, you have to make certain that all the pieces are place before submitting your claim,” she explains.  She continues, “Now, if a clean claim is denied, I will diligently and aggressively grapple with the insurance company to get the claim paid.”  Ashley has a knack for winning appeals and reconsideration requests and is just as passionate about this aspect of billing as she is in everyday claim submission.  “The agencies that I work for are providing an essential service to one of the most vulnerable populations in our country and they deserve to be reimbursed for this care, and I work very hard to get the claims paid!”  she exclaimed.  Ashley is the lead biller for Majestic Billing Services and is looking forward to working with your agency! 

Bonnie Reeves was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma (yes, the pink hospital -or at least it used to be!). Later her family moved to California, but then she got to Texas as fast as she could, moving to Frisco, Texas in 2004. Bonnie has a wide range of experience including education, business, management, and sales. She is a former educator who after almost 20 years of teaching decided to move into the business world and has loved it ever since! She is very passionate about providing a service that helps others.  In her spare time, she likes to volunteer for organizations that help people to learn to make their lives better and move positively forward into a good future.  

She has 10 plus years experience in management, business, and sales. She began her career managing learning centers (in addition to her teaching job), helping run a family business and eventually into a variety of different sales. It was in a sales position that she met Ashley Thomas. Ashley and Bonnie became good friends and kept in contact over the next few years.  It was then that Ashley turned Bonnie on to the idea of home health and hospice billing. Knowing that it would be a great service for the agencies who care for our older generations she decided to give it a whirl! After some training, she loved it and decided to go into business with Ms. Thomas.

Bonnie feels the work that they do is an essential service and that lots of agencies are struggling due to inconsistent billing as well as billing knowledge. Since bringing on agencies to Majestic, Bonnie has noticed a trend of issues that the owners share with her. Most of the owners have struggled with revenue, faulty billing, no follow-up, short-paying claims, severe lack of communication with the biller or billing company, and many other concerns. Majestic feels that those types of concerns are unacceptable. They have designed systems and procedures so that owners have a fully transparent billing experience. Bonnie currently serves as the lead biller for several agencies that Majestic Billing Services has under its umbrella. In addition, she manages staff, hires new talent, and does marketing for the company.